Tuesday, 27 August 2013

BitTorrent Sync Thoughts

Update: Don't use BTSync. Checkout SyncThing instead.

As I broaden my usage of BitTorrent Sync (BTSync) I am coming up with more and more ways of making my life easier with this brilliant tool.

Here is a quick list of ways to use BTSync;
  • Sync your photos from your phone to your desktop
  • Sync your music from your desktop to your phone
  • Backup your files
  • Deploy software development solutions such as websites or script files (PowerShell).
  • Share files with family and friends
  • Support your family and friends remotely (screenshots etc.)
  • Share files with customers
  • Sync your installed games to multiple machines

One of the problems I had when first using BTSync was the naming of the folders and where to store them.   After using it for a month I came up with a good name for the root folder where I place all my synchronised folders.   I now have a folder called "Pool" and inside are all of the folders being synchronised.

This Pool folder is used for simple synchronised folders while I have backups and other large synced folders stored elsewhere.

BTSync is only new and I started using it with a little apprehension.   Because of a build up of trust in the stability of BTSync over the last month I decided to start synchronising a large folder on my home file server.   My file server is running on a Raspberry Pi, so I had expectations that the indexing (hashing) process would be rather slow on a 900GB directory of pictures, music, documents and more.   As it turns out, the btsync daemon is crashing often.   It looks like the software package needs more resources than the Pi can deliver which is a real shame.   I am hoping bugs like this will get fixed as the product matures over time.

If you haven't given BTSync a spin yet, give it a go.   You may find it saves you time and gives you access to your files in ways you never thought of.

If you have thought of a unique way to use BTSync, let me know about it in the comments below.

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