Thursday, 28 March 2013

Installing Ruby on Rails using Debian Wheezy

So I am setting up a website for a community band and wanted to try out using Ruby on Rails. The installation of Ruby with Rails is not as easy as I would have thought. After some trial and error here is the smoothest way to get Rails up and running on Debian Wheezy RC.

Firstly get Debian fully updated and edit the apt.config and sources.list files to add support for unstable packages. We need this to install a javascript engine. See my last post for details of this step.

The next thing to do is install all the required packages to get Rugy working.
apt-get -y install ruby ruby-dev rubygems sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev git
Rails will need a javascript engine so install node.js from the unstable repository with this command. Note that once node.js is available in the Testing or Stable package repositories you will not need to tell apt to install from Unstable.
apt-get -y -t unstable install nodejs
Now we can install Rails using Ruby Gems.
gem install rails
As an option, you could install Rails using apt.
apt-get install ruby-rails-3.2
That's it. If you want to use other Ruby frameworks you can install them also. In this case I am going to give RefineryCMS a shot.

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